There will be a meeting of the Official Board this Sunday at 4:30 pm in the church library.

This Wednesday at 6:30 pm in our Bible Study series Getting to Know the Bible Better we will be looking at the book of Philemon. Our weekly prayer time will follow.

Next Sunday, Feb. 27, will be Gideon Sunday.

We are going to set aside seven Wednesday evenings, beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd and continuing on through April 13th, to hold special prayer services for our church. Pastor David will lead these services, but will not be preaching or teaching. We will sing, read Scripture, then pray together in various ways for about 8-10 minutes. This cycle will be repeated three or four times, each time with a different emphasis. We will not be using the Prayer List or taking prayer requests during these services, but you will have opportunity to pray for those who are on your heart. Our focus will be to worship and seek God together for our church. Furthermore, Pastor David and the Deacons are calling on the church to set aside Wednesday, April 6th (just before Easter) as a day of fasting and prayer for our church. All are encouraged to pray. Those who are willing and not hindered by health concerns are also encouraged to fast from after your evening meal on Tuesday, April 5th to your evening meal on Wednesday, April 6th. Our desire is that God would unite our hearts to seek His face and know His will for our church.

February OCC items: hats, gloves and scarves.