We are glad to be having our 10’o’clock morning services again, but people 65 years and older, or who have at-risk health conditions, are still encouraged to stay home. Make your own best decision for yourself and your family. Everyone is encouraged to use social distancing. Every other pew is partitioned off. People are encouraged to sit at least 6 feet apart. Family groups may of course sit together.

The church van is available on Sunday mornings. If you’d like to ride it, please call the church office.

We are not having a nursery, children’s Sunday School classes, or the Treehouse children’s church until preschools and daycare centers are allowed to reopen. Adult Sunday School classes are meeting.

The entry doors will be propped open, even the outside doors when the weather permits. Hand sanitizer and face masks are available, and people are encouraged to wear face masks. Bulletins are available on the lectern by the double-door entrance to the sanctuary. If you have an offering, you can place it in the wooden box back on the ushers’ table.

Sunday evening and Wednesday evening services are currently on hold.

5th Sunday Shoebox Postage Offering: Today. There is an OCC shoebox set up in the Narthex for these offerings. For those staying in, you can still mail these offerings to the church, designated as “Shoebox Postage.”