Children’s meetings are still on hold.

The Wednesday Bible Study is beginning a new series: Getting to Know the Bible Better. This week: everyone’s favorite Bible book, Leviticus!

We want to express profound gratitude to the church for the offerings you have been giving through this time of pandemic. We know many are still uncomfortable coming back to worship services, but we give thanks to God for your faithful support. We do not currently have a formal offering time during our worship services in order to avoid passing the plate. Offerings may be placed in the wooden box back on the ushers’ table, mailed to the church, or brought in to the church office.

Since we don’t have a formal offering time, we have adopted a somewhat different, simpler format for Sunday evening. We’re calling it Acoustic Vespers. The music will be accompanied by acoustic guitar, and we’re just going to sing together for a while before the evening message. Come enjoy the evening light through the stained glass windows, and lift up your voices in our wonderful sanctuary!