Welcome back! But this is not the new normal. We will get back to normal, but we will be taking small steps towards resuming our normal schedule.

We are resuming our Sunday morning worship services at 10 AM, and the church van will run on Sunday mornings. The Governor’s guidelines still encourage people 65 years and older, or who have health conditions that put them at risk, to stay home. However, each person and family must decide for themselves whether they will come or not. We believe worshiping God is essential, but we don’t want anyone risking their health. Everyone make your own best decision for yourself and your family.

At first, we will not be having a nursery, children’s Sunday School classes, or the Treehouse children’s church. Some of the adult Sunday School classes have decided to meet; others have opted to wait.

Doors will be propped open so no one has to touch them. Hand sanitizer is available, and people are encouraged to wear face masks.

Bulletins will be placed on the lectern by the double doors to the sanctuary, so everyone can pick one up themselves.

We will not be shaking hands during the service, and everyone is encouraged to use social distancing. Every other pew is “ribboned” off (Thank you, Sharon Payne and Marylin Clayton!). We apologize if we blocked off your favorite pew. It won’t be forever! People are encouraged to sit at least 6 feet apart. Family groups may of course sit together.

We will not be passing the offering plates. There is a locked wooden box with a slot in the top back on the ushers’ table where offerings may be placed.

There will be no service this Sunday night, on Mother’s Day. We’re still considering whether or not to resume our regular Sunday night and Wednesday night meetings.

In honor of Mother’s Day, there are flowers in the narthex on a table. Mothers, please take at least two flowers. Or you may take a couple of flowers to your mother and grandmother, or to someone who isn’t here.